The Slavonic oak

The famous Slavonian oak is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. In the large forests at the eastern border area of ​​Croatia, the Slavonian oak grows in perfect climatic conditions.

The height above sea level encourages optimal slow and even growth that gives the forest a exceptional quality of beautiful wood raw material. I the Slavonian forests the trees usually grows closely together to create dense vegetation, which promotes upward growth.

The Slavonian forests are well renowned. They are managed in a sustainable way from a very strict ecological, social and economic framework for hundreds of years.

Every year, much less wood is taken out of the forests than what is planted back, and as trees of lesser quality are continuously dulled, the Slavonian forests are becoming increasingly more beautiful for every year they are managed in this way.

Slavonian oak is used not only to manufacture furniture and floors but is also traditionally used for the production of wine barrels, especially for larger barrels. Slavonian oak barrels are often used in Italy, for example, to store wines produced using the Ripasso method in the Piedmont region.

Wide(!) FSC certified slave oak in Bjelin's production facilities in Ogulin.

Bjelin parquet flooring

Bjelin parquet flooring